Launch of Arts for Dementia Therapy Network (North West) on 17th November 2014

  • There is a real emphasis at the moment on trying to establish models of best practice because we know they are out there and this would be an example of a model of best practice

    Kim Wrigley
    NHS England Quality Improvement Team

  • It’s great to see so many organisations here and discussing this issue, but it’s just a matter for the people here, and it’s not even a Government issue, health service issues or even a council issue, it is a society’s issue. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to come here today and network and to spread that message.

    Councillor Richard Farnell
    Leader of the Council

  • I work as a manager at the BME services and indeed as Mohammed just said we are very closely doing a lot of work together and will continue to do that. We do understand that there is greater impact of Dementia in the BME communities and early onset. The problems with BME communities is significantly under estimated. There is issue of stigma and cultural appreciation.

    Herbert McKenzie
    Manager of BME Health and Wellbeing Team

  • I’ve had a privilege to be a part of this networking group, I’ve seen it emerge and that group is people who are managing things in their jobs and its people who have a lot to bring to the table, a lot of knowledge and they are able to put things into practice. Its shows a lot of commitment to the arts in dementia. The organisation is going from strength to strength. The awareness of Dementia is increasing and this had to happen.

    Councillor Cecile Biant
    Chair of Health and Wellbeing Board

  • As the ward councillor I came to one of the first meetings of the steering group to show my support and the reason why I wanted to to support it was because as a councillor in this ward and in this Borough has become more and more part of our casework. I am pleased that there is a national consultation going on about dementia because it affects everyone in the community.

    Councillor Terry Linden

  • I am so very pleased that Mohammed with the Multicultural Arts and the Health commissioners are working together on this project. It’s great to launch the start of this very important process and good luck to everybody involved within it.

    Councillor Carol Elizabeth Wardle
    Madam Mayor

  • It’ been an excellent launch and all the presentations and speeches we’ve had have all given us information. We’re all looking forward now to moving forward because dementia has always been an issue that’s been put under the carpet, which it isn’t anymore and it effects so many people and it’s important that people understand what it is about and what is out there to help.

    Cllr. Billy Sheerin

  • I’ve been getting involved with the Multicultural and Arts initiative for people with dementia, using art to engage people and able people who have dementia to meet other people and get out and enjoy themselves, in a safe environment with people know something about dementia. Fantastic initiative and great start and bring plenty more people from the borough of Rochdale who both have an interest in dementia or maybe have dementia themselves.

    David Bradshaw
    Home Instead Rochdale

  • We’ve been involved with the dementia network since this inception, been to 3-4 of the meetings. We work with the elderly, shelter schemes and a dementia group in Middleton. We understand the true value and importance of setting up a network like this, involving diverse organisations, councillor leaders etc. Most important things is that structure does need to be built to give this sort of cause recognition. So I really enjoyed the evening; some very informative people and the network who understand dementia properly- from a scientific point of view but also to a social point of view. I’ll continue to be involved and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it.

    Antony Bradley
    Everyday people

  • We generally work with depression and different anxiety disorders- things like panic attacks etc. I’m here at this event today , the launch at the Art and dementia group just to network with people, to let carers for example know about the service that we provide because we can support them in that way. I’ve had a really great afternoon and I look forward to working with Mohammed a bit more closely.

    Sadiqa Naz
    Cogitative Behavioural Therapist for the healthy mind service formerly psychological therapy

  • I particularly enjoyed the arts therapy (music) focus which ran through the day and which could be appropriately used in workshop activities e.g. in care homes and community centres. It was a pleasure to partner with MAMC in this event. You put a lot of hard work both into ensuring that there was social inclusion across our local communities and in instigating opportunities for building relationships across providers, not only in the lead up, but also during the event. Hopefully this can be continued in Oldham through the future.

    Sue Neilson
    Oldham CCG - Dementia Partnership Support Team

  • Mr Sarwar came to our mosque to talk about dementia. A lot of people don’t know about dementia. Honestly speaking I did not know myself. I was having these problems and I went to see my GP asking what was going on and they did not believe me when I said I thought I had dementia. Eventually they sent me to a specialist. They told me there was no treatment for this. I decided to fight back. I can help myself and I can also keep seeking advice from the GP. Luckily Mr Sarwar and his team came into our mosque to let us know how to deal with this kind of problem.

    Ulfat Hussain
    Patient- Greengate Mosque, Oldham

  • I think today has gone really well and I’ve gained a lot more information than I thought I would do. I think it’s great that these events take place in the community.

    Angela Greenwood

  • I think today’s session was really useful for us all to meet up. There are different people involved in working with older people, it was a really good networking opportunity and it was really good to establish that there are a lot of passionate people within the borough and wider, who are all now trying to come together to do what we can.


  • Thank you again for your insight today on engaging with BAME communities. People seemed to really take a lot away from the discussion at Manchester Dementia Action Alliance meeting.

    Grace Dyke
    Project Manager North West: Dementia Action Alliances

Work Placements, Apprenticeships to Jobs @ MAMC

  • I used to work, for 5 years, at Morrison’s in Heywood in the retail sector. I was looking to change my career and I was lucky enough to get placed on a work placement at Multicultural Arts and Media Centre (MAMC) via the Rochdale Job Centre in February 2015. I learnt a lot of transferrable skills and have done a level 2 developing leadership course and a community involvement course whilst I was here which have been very helpful to me. I’ve learnt marketing skills, telephone manner, management of social media and computer skills especially excel and word. As a result of coming here to MAMC, I think it’s definitely helped me get employment with Tetrus Hill. I’m very thankful to Mohammed and Sarah for everything they have done for me.

    Tom Sheridan

  • I gained lot of experience at MAMC in admin, marketing, interview skills, filming, interview skills and cultural understanding. I’m grateful to Mohammed who provided the reference needed and now I have full time job at Fresh from the Studio, Littleborough.

    Stephen Morley

  • It’s been an excellent experience at MAMC for me to gain confidence and learn new skills, particularly in graphic design, marketing, organising an event and meeting new people. These skills got me through the interview and now I am working as a Fundraiser for Friends of Earth Charity.

    Toni Hopley

  • I started here on a 8 week Work Placement through the Job Centre and through that gained an apprenticeship. I have been able to enhance my organisational skills and computer skills, as well as gaining skills in marketing, graphic design, web site design, filming and events management. Working at MAMC has helped me gain confidence within the working environment and the experience I need to excel in the future. Through the Apprenticeship I have gained a Level 2 Business Admin as well as my English, Math and IT. I also attended three courses whilst working here and have gained a First Aid, Developing Leadership and Community Involvement Certificate.

    Sarah Howard