Welcome to the Arts for Dementia Therapy Network (Greater Manchester)


The impetus to establish the Project emerged from discussions and consultations with delegates at the Arts Therapy for Dementia Awareness Sessions organised by CWTC on 27th March 2014 and 17th April 2014 in association with NHS England Greater Manchester and East Cheshire Strategic Clinical Network , HMR Clinical Commissioning Group Social Investment Fund, Link4Life and Alzheimer’s Society. (CWTC was one of the 20 major achievement projects for GMLSC SCN Annual Report for 2013/2014).

Arts for Dementia Therapy Network (GM) – ADTN (GM) aims to bring together individuals, artists and organisations to promote the quality of life of people living with dementia and mental health issues, support family carers and work with local communities using the creative arts.
CWTC is the lead organisation for the establishment and development of Arts for Dementia Therapy Network (GM).

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The Purpose of ADTN (GM) project:

a. Raising awareness of Dementia awareness and encouraging people to take responsibility for their health.
b. Personal development
c. Acquisition of art and craft skills and knowledge from all cultures.
d. Organise Social activity and participation
e. Staff development for health professionals on the use of arts
f. Develop Website of information, events, artists, training, diary of events, etc.
g. Evidence impact of activities on users (e.g. using WEMWBS, video, audio, etc.)
h. Communication between consumers and the health and social care agencies
i. Cross-sector partnership working
j. Aesthetic improvement of buildings and environments
k. Fundraise for projects.



a. Work together to ensure that arts plays an important part in the lives of people living with Dementia and have a place in the public life of the community.
b. Organise workshops and events for arts participation.
c. Use occasions such as significant health and social care seminars, forums, cultural and community events to invite members of other communities, particularly from the BME in the Network.
d. Invite Arts Therapists to meetings, seminars and events during the year.
e. Review projects to determine aims and impact.

To get involved, please contact: admin@cw-tc.co.uk