Hire Facilities at CWTC


Individuals and organisations can hire the following high quality facilities for a wide range of community and corporate events with PC, projector, screen, sound system, flip chart, catering and staff support.

Ideal for…..


• Conferences (Up to 120 people)
• Training and Courses
• Wellbeing Café for Groups
• Professional Video Editing Suite
• Professional Recording Studio Hire
• Exhibitions

We provide a professional committed service to ensure you get the right space and facilities at CWTC.

Our fully equipped Recording Studio at CWTC is available for community and commercial hire, comprising of a mixing desk with a set up of professional microphones, Cubase Software (v.7), plug-ins, and vocal booth.

With the help of professional engineers and tutors at CWTC, people with no experience can come to the centre to learn recording skills, radio presenting skills and mixing techniques or for those who are looking to produce their work and are ready to make their musical mark, we offer the opportunity to make vocal recordings and even record an album. We can record voice over, jingles, background music and community bands.

Filming & Video Editing Studio Hire & Training


We can film your activities and events, provide editing suite and produce a master DVD or a suitable format to your needs.
From microphones and cameras to the hardware and software to edit the footage down, we can provide a facility that offers a professional video editing service and tutors to help those wanting to learn new skills.
CWTC specialise in producing a quality video for either marketing your company on social media or accompanying your band’s latest music release.

Project & Events Management


We can organise and provide workshops, exhibitions and performances in textile, music, poetry and dance in schools, community centres and colleges with professional artists and tutors. At CWTC we can manage the tendering process for all suppliers and contractors, with over 26 years’ experience in event management. From the initial idea and conception to planning through to the implementation, we can guide Organisers needing support in delivering an event to an agreed specification, event management plan on an agreed budget, and within the agreed time period.



CWTC currently has an exhibition opportunity available of textiles and crafts from Baluchistan, Pakistan. We are currently providing exhibition opportunities at schools, community centres, melas and festivals. If you have a touring exhibition, please contact us.
If you are interested in any details of the pricing of workshops, exhibition and events, please email: admin@cw-tc.co.uk