(This project is supported by Awards4All 2017 – 2018)


The Fighting Diabetes (FD) project is looking to support 50 south Asian young adults and senior adults (25+) living in economic/social deprivation and poverty. Centre of Wellbeing, Training & Culture (CWTC), in collaboration with beneficiaries and groups such as BACP, KYP, GPs’ and 6  community centres (from across Rochdale) propose to deliver a 6 month pilot project to support people living with Diabetes by using creative activities (121& group based) as medium to improve their health and wellbeing. This will enable BAME people (via learning) to fulfill their health needs by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage- preventing them from falling into crisis in later life.

This coupled with social training i.e healthy diet eating sessions, basic life skills, confidence, assertiveness and attitude, thinking and behavioural sessions, through involvement of service users in the design and delivery of activities, the FD project will aim to raise awareness and tackle/reduce type-2 diabetes which is very common within South Asian communities.

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