(This project is supported by NHS HMR Clinical Commission Group 2018 – 2019)

Project (1.a)  BME MH Families Support Group

– awareness development and Support including capacity building to support service improvement/re-design.

Establish Monthly, “Mental Health Awareness Forum” to discuss:

  • Understanding Mental Health Act 1983 (different Sections; Know your rights as a Nearest Relative; etc)
  • How services can help children, young people and their families to involve in the design of treatment and tracking of its progress and impact.
  • Awareness of appropriate referral services to prevent future crises
  • Access to Therapies high-quality services where and when they need them
  • How can we work as a society to create awareness about mental health and also reduce stigma within communities?
  • How can we reduce pressure on the services?
  • The Group will make recommendations to HMR CCG to achieve better outcomes for families and carers.


            (1.b)     2 x Mental Health ACT Awareness

– The events will look at various sections in the act to cover different situations, each of them giving health and

social care professionals different powers to admit people to the hospital against their will.

This will include:

  • Understanding The Mental Health Act 1983
  • Mental Health Act assessments – how they work
  • What is being Sectioned?
  • Involuntary Admission
  • Rights of Nearest Family member.
  • Tribunals
  • Independent Mental Health Advocate
  • Care at home after an involuntary admission to hospital.



Project 2.   Supporting People with Autism and SEN through Music and Arts Therapy  


  • Delivering therapeutic art sessions (music, arts and crafts, filming)
  • This will be a hands-on project which will create opportunities for both individual and group achievement and encourage a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.


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