therapy network 2015 logo Multicultural Arts and Media Centre in association with Arts for Dementia Therapy Network (North West)

Supporting People with or without Living with Dementia

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Aims of the Project:


  • To improve the wellbeing of people living with or diagnosed with Dementia through participating in Creative Arts activities
  • Engage people together by connecting through new website and access support
  • Increase involvement of users and the local community to participate through meetings and events to reduce isolation and develop friendships




  1. organise 50 sessions of creative and heritage activities as a medium for carers and people living with Dementia. This will include 10 weekly sessions in 5 areas of the borough in Music Therapy, Filming, Poetry, Painting, Reminiscence.
  2. organise Dementia Awareness Event in Aug 2015 to celebrate achievements of participants, share information, advice, training opportunities, links with employers, guest speakers, service providers and performances.
  3. Organise 8 Network Steering Group meeting plan and to voice support for people living with Dementia, plan together, exchange information on training and events.
  4. Produce an evaluation report in print, film workshops and DVD of the outcomes and to make future recommendations to help inform a method for assessing the health impact.
  5. organise 3 Visits to other similar organisations to learn and present opportunities for collaboration.
  6. Development of a Free Members Website to target carers and people with dementia. This website will be used for information dissemination and exchange about activities, services available, member information, feedback, good practice guidance, database of tutors/artists, member dialogue, and community engagement events.


Supported by: Awards for All