Mental Well-being Scale


Below are some statements about feelings and thoughts.
Please tick the box that best describes your experience



1-None of the time


3-Some of the time


5-All of the time

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You have now just completed your Wellbeing questionnaire and have gained a score. So what does the score mean?

Score      Comment

61-70      Life continues to treat you well, Maybe think of giving something back to others for a couple of hours.

51-60     Life will stay sweet if you pay some attention to the fundamentals of your wellbeing.

41-50     No big worries here. Remember the importance of relationships. Invest some time and thought every week to the five ways to wellbeing.

31-40     Life has it’s ups and downs. Increase the “ups” by playing brief daily attention to the 5 ways 2 Wellbeing. If the downs are increasing a lot speak to someone you feel will understand.

21-30    Life’s hassle most of the time but remember you are not alone, so talk to people you love and respect. Your GP is likely to recommend medication and/or referral to a colleague.

14-20     If you’re not already in treatment don’t hesitate – see your GP ASAP