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Centre of Wellbeing Training & Culture, Rochdale (CWTC)

 Qawwali Music Fusion Project – Supported by The Arts Council

Project Summary

The project is called ‘Qawwali Music Fusion’ and its aim is to work with
professional Qawwali musicians in combination with Western musicians working towards a live concert on 1st Aug 2020 at Heywood Civic Hall, Rochdale.

The project is aimed at artists from the Greater Manchester who want to
embrace Sufi music and further their artistic expression. The idea of the project is to appeal to a diverse section of the community, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity and creed.

The project will enable community cohesion, and enable members of the
community to enjoy, appreciate and explore South Asian Sufi Music style and
its culture, thus breaking down barriers.

The Sufi music is not limited to just South Asian community, it has an appeal to the Western and other wide range of ethnic groups who appreciate world music and culture.

What we want to achieve.
1. To bring together professional qawwali musicians, western musicians and with local singers to be trained as a backing Chorus in preparation for the live concert.
2. The Sufi music will have the chance to evolve further through musical fusion when combined with Western music and thrive with the future generation of musicians.
3. To bring together speakers from arts and cultural background, and members of all section of the community together to enjoy culture and heritage of Pakistan.

The project aims to:

• bring together regional Qawwali artists in fusion performance with western
musicians to exchange knowledge and skills of different styles to make music
• bring together local Pakistani singers to be trained as accompanying Chorus
singing through workshops for performance
• engage poets to recite bilingual poetry so the audience can understand and
engage with the performance
• engage Dervish Dancers (Whirling Dervish Style) to provide visual
performance to express emotion and symbolise the human soul.
• development of Greater Manchester Sufi Music Focus Group.



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