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1. Did you receive any support from your regular support services during the pandemic?

2. Was the information provided by the supporting services clear and easily accessible?

3. As a Carer, how has the corona-virus pandemic impacted on your mental health ?

4. As a carer, how has the corona-virus pandemic impacted upon your general well-being?

5. How did you receive information?

6. How important is it for a service to be culturally and language specific?

7. Have you been supported well as a BAME carer?

8. As a carer what challenges have you faced during this pandemic? (Tick appropriate answers)

9. What improvements do you believe could be made to support you as carer and people living with dementia during the pandemic? (Tick appropriate answers)

10. Were you able to access facilities such as the hospital, community health and primary services during the lockdown?

11. Were you able to receive any information online for support needs?

12. Was any bilingual support offered by any of the services?

13. Have any of the services provide bilingual and culturally sensitive support?

14. Were you contacted by the local services for any practical support during the pandemic?

15. During the lockdown, have you undertaken any of the following activities to help maintain or improve your health and well-being? (Tick appropriate answers)

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