A Warm Welcome to CWTC

Centre of Wellbeing, Training & Culture

A Warm Welcome to CWTC

Centre of Wellbeing, Training & Culture

Supporting people with Dementia

Mental Health / Spiritual Activities

Dementia Awareness

CWTC helping to improve the awareness in understanding of Dementia, reduce stigma, build confidence and capacity of the Rochdale’s Borough community, in particular of South Asian origin diagnosed or living with Dementia and their families.

Wellbeing Cafe

Weekly Wellbeing Café provides older men and women to engage in learning new skills, engage in creative arts, reminiscence, exercise, share experiences and discuss information and advice with health and social care services to improve their health and wellbeing.

Training Sessions & Courses

We are an Approved Training Centre through Open Awards (Awarding Organisation approved by Ofqual ) and deliver accredited courses for carers, staff and members of the public. Most of the courses are Free.


Over the 30 years, CWTC continues to focus on the awareness of dementia, diabetes and mental health and improve employability skills. We work with related services to provide information and advice to deliver a holistic and person-centred approach for young, adults and older people.


CWTC is involved in supporting various organisations and represented on the Boards of: Rochdale Council & HMR CCG Dementia Steering Group; Link4Life, Action Together; GM Dementia United Advisory Group; Rochdale Borough Cultural Network.



M. Sarwar (CEO)

We bring high levels of trust and engagement with the diverse community and a robust network of partnerships that connect us directly with our service users.

We look forward to sharing some great opportunities with you.

Supporting People with Dementia

CWTC helping to improve the awareness and understanding of Dementia, reduce stigma and build confidence and capacity of the Rochdale’s Borough BAME residents (in particular of South Asian origin) living with Dementia, carers and families.

Our Services

Social Prescribing

Mental Health Awareness

Dementia Retailers

Places of Interest Visits

Work Placement

Creative Art Sessions

Local Survey – Impact of Covid-19 on BAME Community

August 2020


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Podcast 1

Covid-19 Rochdale CWTC Community Podcast


There is a real emphasis at the moment on trying to establish models of best practice because we know they are out there and CWTC is an example of a model of best practice

KIM WRIGLEY  (NHS England Quality Improvement Team)

Today’s session was invaluable. It was really fantastic to see communities coming together with providers to have open and honest discussions about services and the barriers they face in accessing them. I thought the information that was provided was relevant and delivered in a way that was suitable for the audience. I thought the bi-lingual delivery was brilliant, and really engaging - it was great to see so many people putting their hands up and getting involved.

”Service User”

Just from the conversations I had overheard. You could tell that the individuals left feeling supported and more informed, rather than leaving more confused than when they arrived! CWTC have come such a long way in the time that I have known you, and you should be proud of what you achieved.

Lauran White
NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group



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