A Warm Welcome to CWTC

Centre of Wellbeing, Training & Culture

Supporting people in education, training, health and culture.

A Warm Welcome to CWTC

Centre of Wellbeing, Training & Culture

Supporting people with Dementia

Mental Health / Spiritual Activities

Skills Development & Employability Skills

We are an Approved Training Centre through Open Awards (Awarding Organisation approved by Ofqual ) and deliver accredited quality endorsed units for unemployed, carers, staff and members of the public.

Health and Wellbeing Awareness

Weekly Wellbeing Café provides older men and women to engage in learning new skills, engage in creative arts, reminiscence, exercise, share experiences and discuss information and advice with health and social care services to improve their health and wellbeing.

Dementia Awareness

CWTC helping to improve the awareness in understanding of Dementia, reduce stigma, build confidence and capacity of the local community, in particular of the BAME community diagnosed or living with Dementia and their families.


Over the 30 years, CWTC continues to focus on the employability skills, awareness of health awareness, provide accredited courses, community podcast, Youtube channel and community cohesion. We work with related services to provide information and advice to deliver a holistic and person-centred approach for young, adults and older people.


CWTC is involved in supporting various strategic organisations and represented on the Boards.



M. Sarwar (CEO)

We bring high levels of trust and engagement with the diverse community and a robust network of partnerships that connect us directly with our service users.

We look forward to sharing some great opportunities with you.

Supporting Young People & Adults into Media Industry

Our Supporting Young People into Media Industry project provides Life Skills-based training Modules to support young people and adults to gain real insight and practical skills into media and charitable sector.
The training helps to gain valuable employability skills and confidence to pursue in chosen career.

Our Services

Digital Inclusion (Podcast/CWTV)

Mental Health Awareness

Dementia Services

Supporting Young People into Media Industry

Kickstart scheme & Work Placement

Local Survey – Impact of Covid-19 on BAME Community
August 2020


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Community Feedback 

Allah Rakhi

(Service user living with Dementia)

”We used to look forward coming to your centre to meet people and do different activities. We used to get excited that tomorrow we are going to this group and all sisters look after each other who have memory loss.”

Andy Burnham

(Mayor of Greater Manchester)

“I look at Rochdale and see one of the best local responses and a fantastic level of community involvement. Everything you achieve out of the centre is a jewel in Rochdale and Greater Manchester crown.”

Cllr. Allen Brett

”I am proud to announce and congratulate the Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture (CWTC) for using their digital expertise in developing online courses and cultural activities under very challenging circumstances.”

Young People in Media

Ahsan Tayub CIN Learner: I am fortunate to be part of supporting Young People into media industry modules which is helping me to gain experience and skills into the industry as well as hands on experience in learning how to set up, use and edit materials typically seen in an actual work.”


“We look forward to working with CWTC and to connect with the other diverse community across Greater Manchester level to improve communication and wellbeing of each other.”

Liz Windsor (CEO-Action Together)



"This is an excellent quality video on Nutrition and healthy eating which shows how people can live a healthy lifestyle through difficult times during the pandemic. It's also inviting people to get in contact to share their views on how they are coping. The video addresses the topic of health eating particularly with the BAME community and address the equality in both Urdu and English. We are proud to see organisations like yourself to address the needs of the diverse community and support services who can utilise resources like these".

Cllr. Aasim Rashid (Mayor of Rochdale)

“There are some great ideas to hopefully integrate what [CWTC has] here, to make sure that we integrate that properly into our website and our own services”

”Andy King – CEO-Link4Life”

“When a situation like this [referring to covid-19] arises, you help people in Rochdale and do the things that everyone can benefit from in the whole community”.

Abdul Rasheed (Service user)



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