Work Placement at CWTC
High quality Work placements are offered to young people and adults at CWTC.

We believe in providing a rewarding and meaningful experience for learners to prepare for the world of work as well as benefiting our own organisation through fresh perspective from young people and adults.

• Meet with learners
• Are clear on what we offer and match needs
• Provide induction
• Educate on policies and procedures including: health and safety, safeguarding, internet and social media use, team working, etc.
• Discuss and provide clear tasks
• Provide training support
• Are flexible and open-minded as an employer
• Write a reference and reflect on the placement with learners
• Provide safe and friendly environment.

Dedicated training and support include:

• Know about the work placement
• Be able to identify what they want to achieve through the work placement
• Learning IT Support
• Customer service
• Marketing
• Job search and CV writing
• Interview Skills
• Presentation and communication skills
• Team building
• Taking part in courses accredited courses
• Awareness of mental health and wellbeing
• Organise events and training

Duration from 1 week onwards

If you would like to take part in work placement or volunteer, please email: