Kickstart Scheme at CWTC 

CWTC has employed 5 young people from 19 to 24 years on Kickstart Scheme through Gateway provider and some have gone onto full-time employment.

The jobs have included from video editing, marketing to Buisness Administration.

The jobs created are to help with its day-to-day marketing, office duties and with video  production and distribution of social media materials.

The work is challenging, interesting and varied. It provides an excellent introduction to an exciting and fast-growing profession in media industry.

Typical tasks include working with managers, senior editor and tutors, to plan and produce finished video content to a high standard. It also involves agreeing schedules and topics for social media posts, producing relevant content, and helping to maintain a professional company image in any online marketing activity. The logging and reporting the results of social media activities are done on a regular basis.

CWTC is committed to staff skills development and will provide all the necessary on-the-job mentoring and training. This will also be an opportunity to build team-working and planning skills.

Work Placement at CWTC
High quality Work placements are offered to young people and adults at CWTC.

We believe in providing a rewarding and meaningful experience for learners to prepare for the world of work as well as benefiting our own organisation through fresh perspective from young people and adults.

• Meet with learners
• Are clear on what we offer and match needs
• Provide induction
• Educate on policies and procedures including: health and safety, safeguarding, internet and social media use, team working, etc.
• Discuss and provide clear tasks
• Provide training support
• Are flexible and open-minded as an employer
• Write a reference and reflect on the placement with learners
• Provide safe and friendly environment.

Dedicated training and support include:

• Know about the work placement
• Be able to identify what they want to achieve through the work placement
• Learning IT Support
• Customer service
• Marketing
• Job search and CV writing
• Interview Skills
• Presentation and communication skills
• Team building
• Taking part in courses accredited courses
• Awareness of mental health and wellbeing
• Organise events and training.

Duration from 1 week onwards

If you would like to take part in work placement or volunteer, please email: