What we do?

Empower communities to create diverse and inclusive places where people are proud to live.

CWTC has a proven track record of delivering interrelated activity across the region.

  1. Supporting Communities Link Project will deliver activities which aims to ease the impacts of the rising costs of living and improve the health and wellbeing of residents and communities living in the Oldham area who are vulnerable, socially excluded, elderly or at higher risk of poverty in partnership with community organisations, services, action together and youth service.
  1. Employability Skills

Supporting Young People and adults into Media Industry – project by providing training Module programmes to give an in-depth discovery into practical work skills and confidence in employment, media skills, building a social media plan, personal finance, career and employability skills, office skills, marketing products and services.

  1. Accredited and Non-accredited courses – As an Approved Training Centre, we provide Entry Level to Level 3 Accredited Courses, including Online Courses through Open Awards for unemployed, front-line staff and services.
  1. Work Placement at CWTC – to support young people between 16 to 24  in, office duties, customer services, digital media, marketing, organising activities and build their CV and to enhance their transferrable skills for further education and employment.
  2. Hire of audio and film studio – CWTC has dedicated studios and educational space offering workshops, training sessions, and recordings on audio and film production. The individuals, groups, and organisations from the community can come together to share their stories, experiences, and messages in captivating ways. Whether it’s a documentary, a podcast series, a short film, or a musical creation, the studio is a hub for expressing our community’s unique narrative and talent.

CWTC Podcast is available on TuneIn and Spotify at https://cw-tc.co.uk/podcast/

  1. Health and Wellbeing awareness
  • CWTC Wellbeing Café– to supports people with mental health and wellbeing through arts activities, information provided by health and social care services.
  • Accredited courses in: Understanding Dementia, Supporting Carers, Understanding Mental Health, Basic Understanding in Diabetes
  • Reminiscence materials to engage South Asian elder community.
  1. Digital Inclusion – CWTV Online YouTube Community Channel & Podcast

The Online CWTV Community Channel and Community Podcast – aims to promote local issues, managing cost-of-living, health and wellbeing, art and culture, education, training and experiences.

Volunteers are trained to present programmes for the Channel and Podcast.

  1. Art and Culture

Qawwali Music Fusion project – to bring together local Sufi artists in fusion performance with local western musicians to exchange knowledge and skills of different traditions.

CWTC Facilities

The Centre provides dedicated rooms for training, work placements and workshops. Including an IT suite, facilities for audio recording and film editing, provision of a stage for presentation of meetings, hall to cater for 90 people and space for the CWTC Wellbeing Cafe.

What has helped the community?

Project monitoring reports and feedback have identified the following:

  • Bespoke training has helped to build skills and gain confidence to take into jobs
  • increased confident through digital inclusion
  • importance of having available bilingual resources that are built into project delivery
  • Create a greater understanding of living with dementia and mental health
  • Improve individual self-awareness
  • Increased referral opportunities
  • Increase opportunities for artistic engagement
  • Be a place of contact advice and support.
  • Increased the opportunity for community members to gain confidence and the ability to express themselves in a safe and friendly environment.