The project started in January 2018 to finish in March 2021.

The Need: 

Through our recent NHS (CCG) and the Awards for All funded health projects, our feedback from BAME beneficiaries from disadvantaged & isolated communities has highlighted that there is a:

  • lack of awareness about and understanding of dementia within local BAME communities
  • lack of culturally/language appropriate information, services and engagement activities;• lack of bi-lingual staff/outreach workers;
  • lack of understanding about how to engage and support BAME people living with dementia;
  • increased frustration in accessing current health and social care services.

Community Consultation: 

We have also undertaken further consultation April 2017 regarding the project activities envisaged as part of this Big Lottery application. This has included 2 focus groups and 93 completed surveys.

Our focus groups (2) with people with or at risk of dementia and their carers (involving 43 people with 62.7% male and 37.3% female), the priority areas identified included:-

  • more awareness and understanding of dementia within the local BME community so that they are better able to engage and support people with dementia
  • support for families to cope with challenges presented by family members with dementia
  • culturally appropriate services and activities to engage people in their community language
  • therapeutic activities that aid positive thinking and increase social interaction/confidence
  • supporting production of information that captures their memories
  • more engagement through face-to-face and/or activities
  • language and culturally appropriate support, information and activities.

Our survey consultation has had a positive response via 93 people.

– 51% did not know what issues are faced by persons living with dementia and their carers

– 83% did not know what kind of help is available for people living with dementia

– 80% did not know where to go to access dementia services (other than their GP)

– 68% expressed an interest in participating in therapeutic therapy

– 56% indicated an interest in dementia awareness and/or supporting carer training

– 76% were interested in visiting places of interest

– 72% of respondents did not speak or were not comfortable with their English.

There is no specific Dementia support project targeting BAME communities in Rochdale. This is major gap that we aim to address and develop expertise in to meet the needs of the growing older BAME community and complement existing services.

CWTC helping to improve the awareness and understanding of Dementia, reduce stigma and build confidence and capacity of the Rochdale’s Borough BAME residents (in particular of South Asian origin) living with Dementia, carers and families.

Whilst at the same time empowering the local community to better support and aid people with Dementia living actively within their communities.

Our user-led programming includes:

  • Weekly Wellbeing Cafe sessions support people with dementia and mental health
  • Dementia Friends Awareness sessions in the local voluntary organisations and Mosques to raise awareness and support available on dementia.
  • Dementia awareness sessions delivered at the Wellbeing Cafe sessions,
  • Dementia-friendly retailer awareness sessions delivered to the local businesses,
  • Understanding Dementia Level 2 Course; Supporting Carers Level 2 Course
  • Creating Dementia Friendly Community Champions who can take on a leadership role and influence others in the community to take action
  • Confidence Building, Assertiveness and Family Resilience sessions
  • Development of support materials in English and Urdu specifically designed for people of South Asian heritage.
  • Visits to House of Memories (Liverpool), Oasis Dementia Centre, Science and Industry Museum Muslim Heritage Centre, Touchstones Rochdale, The willows Dementia Hub visits.
  • Project Advisory Group monthly meetings
  • Annual Celebratory Event
  • Mehfil-e-Naat Arts for Dementia Therapy Event.

Partnership Working

We engage, consult and work collaboratively with communities and health and social care services to:

  • Provide referrals
  • Signposting
  • Sharing resources
  • Sharing information
  • Participate in our activities
  • Reviewing their services based upon participant feedback and
  • Building bridges between the community and the mainstream services.

We have developed strong links, meaningful partnerships and relationships not only with grass-root/community organisations/groups but also health and wellbeing providers such as  Memory Clinic Rochdale, HMR CCG Dementia Steering Group, Dementia United, House of Memories (Liverpool), Museum of Science, Alzheimer Society, Community Centres, Health and Social Care Services, Rochdale District and  Mind, , Touchstones and Dementia Willows Hub.

If you or your group would like to particapte in our free activities, please contact us by email: