Creative Arts Sessions (Ongoing)

CWTC has been providing arts for health for over 25 years. We advocate for the role of creativity in improving health and well-being and to develop and facilitate specific projects that deliver health improvement. 

We have worked with different groups over the years, from schools, learning disabilities, care and nursing homes with people living with mental health, and we also tailor our sessions as required.

Our sessions are carefully planned to give your group music-based activities that benefit their well-being in several different ways.

Every session will contain a variety of different music to suit everyone’s taste; every resident will have the opportunity to sing, move and play instruments in our sessions. We also do themes arts events throughout the year and can deliver a themed session at your venue.

Aims of the project:
• To increase confidence, mental well-being and self-esteem
• To reduce depression and facilitate the expression of feelings despite failing senses
• To value the skills and expertise of older people
• To promote physical health through increased mobility, improved circulation.
• To address social exclusion
• To positively impact on the life of people with memory loss and dementia.

We will provide groups with live music sessions with diverse artists to help stimulate and engage, with the combination of live music, movement and role-play activities.
The sessions will be jointly planned and provide a lively combination of Western and Asian musicians, full of energy, participation and fun. We work to involve and engage with every member of the group.

To find out more and book sessions, please email: