Audio and Film Studio for Hire

Looking to bring your creative vision to life?

Our state-of-the-art Audio and Film Studio is the perfect space for all your production needs. Whether you’re working on a music recording, podcast, voiceover, film shoot, or any other multimedia project, our studio offers a professional and versatile environment to achieve your goals.

We also provide Podcast Recording facilities

We offer:

  • Live Recording booth
  • Control Room with the latest Pro Logic and Premier Pro audio software
  • audio recording equipment, including microphones, headphones, mixers, and amplifiers, to ensure the highest audio fidelity.
  • Green Screen Facilities: For film and video projects, our studio includes a fully-equipped green screen area, perfect for creating stunning visual effects
  • Comfortable Lounge Area
  • Professional Staff
  • Rental packages/sessions are available according to your needs.