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Jobs available at CWTC 

CWTC offers a variety of jobs in the creative sector from time to time ranging from graphic design, Poets/writers, audio production and content creation to video production and marketing. Please enquire of different opportunities available, email:


Past Events organised by CWTC:

1. National Qawali UK Tour – Imran Aziz June 2023

  1. Organised Online Qawali Music Fusion – 2021 – combination of Sufi performances with western musicians, dervish dancers and poetry.
  2. Ongoing since 1987 – Music Fusion in schools combining Asian and western musicians.
  3. Organised consultation and ‘Rhythms of Pakistan event’ on 3 October 2019 at Unity House, Rochdale. The aim is to develop an international network on arts, culture and the heritage of Pakistan. The event was attended 120 people of regional musicians, organisations, promoters and local people from south Asian and western background.
  4. Sufi Qawwali Fusion Music Concert on Sunday 14th May 2017 at Heywood Civic Centre. The project brought together artists from different backgrounds who rehearsed to perform with a unique visual presentation of translated poetry on Sufism.
  5. Delivered We Stand Together Peace Concert – Sunday 16th July 2017 at Heywood Civic Hall, Rochdale with Asian and western musicians.
  6. Fusion Music National Tour with professional artists from Pakistan and Greater Manchester to perform at Bridge Water Hall, Philharmonic Hall, Colston Hall, Bristol, Peoples Theatre, Newcastle funded by the Arts Council.





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