Previous project delivered in 2020

If funding is available in the future we will be able to provide the following programme.

Engaging Service Users Online Post Covid-19

The current community health profile, inequalities and deprivation will mean an increase in people susceptible to mental health and isolation. These people will need help, support and services from an organisation who understands and delivers.

Our existing media platform reaches both our existing audience within the Borough, and Greater Manchester. With a targeted communications strategy, we aim to reach new audience beyond, to make sure those who are in the greatest need for support after the Covid-19 pandemic.

We aim to do this by:

CWTV Community TV Online Channel

At such a difficult time for both people living with mental health, carers and isolated people our, primary concern is to make sure that vital support is given to both parties in method, which is easy to access and understand in various languages and is culturally sensitive.

Using our expertise in mental health support and nutrition, the topics covered in these information videos will help to reduce the burden on health services by providing a bilingual resource and reduce the risk of adverse COVID-19 associated health outcomes.

  • We create weekly TV programmes at our CWTV Community TV Online Channel with health and social service experts.
  • We create arts for mental health activities to engage people at home and meet their cultural needs
  • We use our social media platform that reaches approximatley 3,500 people. 

PODCAST – Story telling and have community voice

Podcasts are becoming a particularly popular way for people to gain information and so we will create a regular podcast and broadcast through our WhatsApp network of 3,500 people.

Weekly podcasts are produced on discussions, storytelling and experiences with experts in health and social service and service users which also use Urdu and Bengali languages.