Careers in Business and Administration Level 1

Accredited Certificate through Open Awards

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Careers in Business and Administration Level 1



Assignment and Video-based eLearning


Unit Duration

2 session per week (3 Weeks Course)


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Introduction to Unit Content

Learning Outcome –

The learner will:

Assessment Criterion –

The learner can:    


Know about job opportunities in business and administration


1.1  Identify key job roles in different organisations within business and administration

1.2  Describe the job roles in one functional area of
business administration


Know about working practices within
business and administration

2.1  Describe working practices within a specific
setting in business and administration



Know about the qualifications and skills
needed for jobs in business and



3.1  Describe the skills needed to work effectively
within business and administration
3.2  Identify qualification(s) needed to work in the
business and administration sector


Be able to plan the early stages of a career
within business and administration

4.1  Identify job roles which meet personal career
4.2  Identify own existing relevant skills and relevant
ideas for development
4.3  Identify further learning, including qualifications
where required, needed to progress in the
business and administration sector


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