The Internet and

World Wide Web E3

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The Internet and World Wide Web E3



Assignment and Video-based eLearning


Unit Duration

2 session per week (3 Weeks Course)


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Introduction to Unit Content

Learning Outcome –

The learner will:

Assessment Criterion –

The learner can:    


Know about Internet connections


1.1 Give examples of the uses of the Internet
1.2 Identify the requirements for an Internet

2 Know how to search on the World Wide Web (WWW) 2.1 State how web addresses work
2.2 Explore websites by using a browser
2.3 Search for a minimum of two of the following:
a) A news website
b) A blog website
c) An e-commerce website
d) A job search website
e) An online community website



Be able to use e-mail



3.1 Outline how e-mail works
3.2 Write e-mail message
3.4 Add an attachment to an email
3.5 Send an e-mail message


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