Understanding Dementia Level 2

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Understanding Dementia Level 2



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Unit Duration

1 session per week (3 Weeks Course)


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Introduction to Unit Content

Learning Outcome –

The learner will:

Assessment Criterion –

The learner can:    


Understand how the experience and progression of dementia is unique to the person.


1.1              Identify the different types of dementia and their

                    risk factors.

1.2              Identify the functions of the different areas of the


1.3              State how damage caused to brain function can

                   affect a person’s experience of dementia and everyday                           living.




Understand how a person with dementia can live well within society


2.1       Identify how society can have a positive influence

            on people living with dementia.

2.2       State the attitudes within society that may prevent

            people living with dementia from being included

           and enabled.

2.3       State how early diagnosis and assessments of

            capacity can help people with dementia live well

            within society.



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