Homelessness is a serious issue in which individuals are deprived of a home and live on the street, this can lead a person to feel mental health issues , like depression and low self esteem and low physical health.

Then people that suffer homelessness are more vulnerable to substance abuse like drug and alcohol and being taken advantage of by unsavoury individuals that could lead them in sex work , human trafficking , and criminal organization and because they don’t have an address they cant open bank account or find a jobs , for this reason the CTWC has created this page to help vulnerable individuals.

How to support them emotionally

Taking time to talk with someone experiencing homelessness in a friendly, respectful manner can give them a wonderful sense of dignity. If you can, spend time building a friendship with them such as talking together while sharing a meal. Experiencing homelessness can be very isolating, discouraging, and embarrassing. These men and women need the consistent love and encouragement of friends to help them make healthy choices for their lives.

How to prevent physical illness

Preventing physical illness among homeless individuals involves providing access to healthcare through community clinics and outreach programs, promoting hygiene and sanitation with hygiene kits and access to clean facilities, advocating for safe shelter options like shelters and transitional housing, ensuring access to nutritious food through food assistance programs, offering warm clothing and protection from the elements, educating about common illnesses and symptoms, providing mental health support and substance abuse counselling, encouraging preventative care through regular check-ups and vaccinations, fostering community support networks, and advocating for policy changes to address the root causes of homelessness and improve healthcare access.

How to help them financially

Supporting homeless individuals financially can involve providing direct assistance for necessities like food, water, and clothing, offering help with temporary housing, transportation, or obtaining identification documents, assisting with job search efforts, providing financial education and access to benefits, offering small loans or microfinance opportunities for entrepreneurship, connecting them with legal aid services, helping with financial planning and savings, and linking them with supportive services like financial counselling and housing assistance. Your support can offer a pathway to stability and independence.

How to help them find housing

Helping homeless individuals find housing involves assessing their needs, referring them to local shelters or housing programs, providing case management to navigate the housing system, assisting with housing searches and applications, offering financial aid for deposits and fees, resolving legal barriers, connecting them with supportive services, and providing ongoing support to maintain housing stability. By addressing these steps comprehensively, we can assist homeless individuals in securing stable housing and rebuilding their lives.

Who they can contact

They can contact our Housing Options team by telephone, email, or by completing the Housing Assistance Referral Portal form: Phone – 0161 770 4605. housing.options@oldham.gov.uk.

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