Digital Film Making

Skills Level 1

Accredited Certificate through Open Awards

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Digital Film Making Skills Level 1



Assignment and Video-based eLearning


Unit Duration

2 session per week (3 Weeks Course)


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Introduction to Unit Content

Learning Outcome –

The learner will:

Assessment Criterion –

The learner can:    


Be able to plan, shoot and edit a short film


1.1  Discuss ideas for a short film

1.2  Produce a variety of shot sizes and camera
movements appropriate for the task

1.3  Assemble the camera equipment, attaching to
tripod and bubbling up the tripod

1.4  Carry out a white balance

1.5  Get the shots in focus using manual focus

1.6  Select shots for the edit

1.7  Work within a team to produce a short film

2 Be able to plan a documentary or drama

2.1  For a short documentary or drama, demonstrate
the following:
a) Planning
b) Scripting
c) Storyboarding




Be able to shoot a documentary or drama



3.1  Produce appropriate shots in line with script,
storyboard or plan
3.2  Assemble the sound recording equipment
3.3  Record the sound at the correct recording level

4 Be able to edit a documentary or drama short

4.1  Digitize/ingest material

4.2  Organise material using the non-linear edit

4.3  Edit material, including
a) Picture
b) Sound

4.4  Work within a team to edit a short


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